Javascript Slicing API Live Tester

With the 2.5 release, there is a new easy way to include Kiri’s slicing engine into your web app. It’s a single script include that injects a web worker into the page that can asynchronous perform any of Kiri’s slicing functions without interrupting your UI.

Take a look and let me know what you think.


That’s interesting Stewart. It sorta had me perplexed for a while (what might I want to do with this?) but I have a use case in mind that I think this could be handy for.

My CNC is connected to a system running bCNC for G-code streaming. Typically I would do the CAD work, then export that and load it into Kiri:Moto and do the CAM, then I export that to somewhere reachable from the CNC system and load it into bCNC there, then mess with origins etc. before starting the cutting.

However, it looks like I could script all the CAM parts using the API. The demo looks like it does everything I would need to except pulling out the G-code itself into a file on the CNC controller. If I knew anything about js I am sure that part would be trivial, but I am not there yet.

Anyway, I am always happy to see APIs for things so thanks for this!

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