SnapMaker 2 Profile(s) Request: FDM/Laser/CNC

Stewart- Thanks for the impressive and incredibly responsive development work on K:M!

After tinkering a bit under the hood, I have another request, if I may:

I currently own and use the SnapMaker 2 A350 for its large build area. This machine is a combo FDM/Laser/CNC modular unit that uses Marlin-esq gCode for FDM and a custom version of GRBL for both the laser and CNC fucnctions. If I can provide sample output code for each module, can this machine be integrated into K:M?

I will be happy to alpha-test any pushed revisions for compatibility and general overall weirdness as you require. This looks like a great fit for K:M, as the hardware and software have a natural functional alignment. I also believe your UI and code are much better integrated across modules than the apps provided by the hardware manufacturer.

Let me know what you’ll need, if this sounds interesting, and I’ll send it along.

Many thanks for making mobile pre-production and pre-viz so much easier-


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@Trek_Lurker … Jeff, thanks for the offer. If you can send over the build area and sample gcode for each of the device modes, I can work up device profiles for you to test.