Outside-only outline starting at top of part, not top of stock

I’m finding a lot to like in CAM in K:M after a year since last used. Thanks, Stewart, for so much great work!

One problem I’ve found is that outside-only outlines start at the top of a part even when “Z anchor” is not “top”. That’s a problem when the top of the part is more than one step-down below the top surface of the stock.

In roughing ops, “clear top” works. But I’m not finding a similar option for outside-only outlines.

Trace ops do start at the stock top, but I need “wide cutout” and don’t see that option for Trace ops.

So far it seems like any part that’s thinner than the stock and not Z anchored at the stock top will provoke this. Let me know if not so and you need an example.

This happens in versions 3.2, 3.3 & 3.4b, so it’s not new. Could be just me.

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Sample workspaces that exhibit the problem save me a lot of time. So that would be appreciated. Sounds like something that should be easy to fix.


outside-outline.kmz (121.8 KB)

Thanks for looking!

thanks for the report and workspace. I’ll be adding a clear top option to the outline operator in today’s release.

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@pmc this has been pushed to 3.4 production … let me know if it suits your needs. 3.4 will be promoted to the default version tomorrow.

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That’s useful progress for sure, but not quite fixed.

Outlines first start at the part top and step up to the stock top.
Then it generates a good stack of outlines stepping down from the stock surface.

As such it’s not really “fixed”, but that is a useful improvement because finding and deleting the up-stepping block of g-code is much easier than other gymnastics to get a useful result.

Example attached.

Thanks for the very-quick semi-fix. Again. I don’t know of another code project that’s sustained your high level of responsiveness for >year. (not that I follow a wide sample of code projects, but still…)

outside-outline-2.kmz (42.4 KB)

oops. easy to fix. will push an update today.

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Better. The above-part outlines still repeat, but that they start from the top surface both times so this version cuts some air but avoids crashing into uncut material.

Example from 3.5b attached.

outside-outline-3.kmz (108.0 KB)

embarrassing. I found a case that didn’t work when outside only wasn’t checked and the fix for that added the duplicate layers. it’s been fixed (again) and will be in the next update.

thanks for debugging.

edit – fix 2 pushed to production

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Yup - it works.
Thanks again for iterating that pretty close to instantaneously.

About to try cutting a part. This looks like it will be more simple workflow than ~year ago.

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