Help creating printer profiles

I suspect one of the bigger barriers to adoption of Kiri:Moto is a lack of extensive ready-to-go printer profiles. This is an area where I simply lack time and knowledge about which printers are popular and relevant. If you can help with this list and sample gcode for each one (generated by another slicer), I would happily incorporate them into Kiri’s defaults.

What I’m looking for in each printer is obvious from the device setup panel. Dimensions, GCode header and footer, and any defaults like extrusion mode.

I’ll work on the Prusa MK2 and Creality CR10s which I have. It will be good to dig into the specs which I don’t quite grok all the way, using pre-built prefs. I use PrusaSlicer for my Prusa and Slic3r for my Creality. I dabbled in Cura for a while with the Creality, but settled on Slic3r.


KM has a Prusa MK2S profile. Maybe you can use that as a starting point. I do not have a CR10 profile yet. Once you’ve created one profile, you realize it’s actually quite easy. Let me know if you do this and I’ll incorporate your profiles into KM. Thanks!