Help creating printer profiles

I suspect one of the bigger barriers to adoption of Kiri:Moto is a lack of extensive ready-to-go printer profiles. This is an area where I simply lack time and knowledge about which printers are popular and relevant. If you can help with this list and sample gcode for each one (generated by another slicer), I would happily incorporate them into Kiri’s defaults.

What I’m looking for in each printer is obvious from the device setup panel. Dimensions, GCode header and footer, and any defaults like extrusion mode.

I’ll work on the Prusa MK2 and Creality CR10s which I have. It will be good to dig into the specs which I don’t quite grok all the way, using pre-built prefs. I use PrusaSlicer for my Prusa and Slic3r for my Creality. I dabbled in Cura for a while with the Creality, but settled on Slic3r.


KM has a Prusa MK2S profile. Maybe you can use that as a starting point. I do not have a CR10 profile yet. Once you’ve created one profile, you realize it’s actually quite easy. Let me know if you do this and I’ll incorporate your profiles into KM. Thanks!

I was so excited to see your slicer until I figured out that none of my printers have profiles that seem to work. I tried modifying the models that you do have for the FlashForge but I can’t export anything but Gcode. And changing the extension is obviously not going to work. I don’t know which profile to start with on the Rostock Max v2

I am a teacher teaching students that can only use chrome books from the school district. (well some students have nice computers but i have to teach to the chrome book ) At any rate I am teaching OnShape and looking for ways to engage the students to create what they design. On Shape works on school ChromeBooks and so does your slicer. My class has Flashforge Creator dual Pros. and a Rostock max v2 . I know older printers but they work and are reliable. The FlashForge Creator dual Pros profile should post x3g code. Even if the slicer could do just one extruder that would be great.


FlashForge xg3

FlashForge (Matter Control does give the option to export this printer in Gcode) not sure if this helps

Hi @shep and welcome! I can work with you to produce a profile for the Rostock. The format that FlashForge uses is well known to me. It is actually quite old and comes from Makerbot’s original printers.

There is a program called GPX that converts GCODE to X3G files. Programs like Matter Control can easily incorporate libraries for the conversion since they’re desktop apps. However, since Kiri:Moto runs entirely in browser, I would have to write a converter from scratch.

I just pushed an update (v2.2.5) with the ability to discretely export and import a single device. The “export” button now appears on custom devices which will allow you to download a .b64 file which can then be dragged back onto a Kiri:Moto platform (turns green) to re-import it.

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I’m looking at using the Octoprint plugin to allow my partner who drives her design and printing from an iPad. Currently they email me STL’s and I slice in cura and add them to octoprint to be printed, but sometimes our schedules don’t match and they’d like to do the slicing themselves without waiting for me.

We drive from a couple of printers, the ones not in the existing product list are an Anycubic Predator (370x 370y 455z mm round plate) and an Anycubic Chiron (400x 400y 450z square plate). I’ve linked below to google drive instances of HTML export of my print settings for the Chiron and the Predator when printing benchies in E-Sun PLA, and Gcode output from Cura of a standard benchy boat from the Chiron and the Predator. If there’s other information that would be helpful - let me know how best to give it. I’m kind of new to 3dprinting and have previously only used Cura so I’m not sure what else would be helpful.,,,

Hi @Sierra_Bravo and welcome. I’ve added two new device profiles based on the gcode you sent. These will be pushed to production in the next day or two.

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Hi @stewart, here are 2 new profiles (creality CR10s and Creality CR10S pro, based on Cura profiles).
What is the preferred way to send you new printer profiles ? (On this forum topic, with PR on github or other ?) (5.0 KB) (5.0 KB)

By hook or crook. As long as it makes its way to me :slight_smile: thanks!

I’m adding these now. is there any difference between the 10S and the 10S pro?

I think the only difference is the automatic bed leveling for the 10S pro.