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Next odd issue!
THis svg came from a program that only deals in imperial. When I try to preview I get a warning “invalid Z bottom infinity >= bounds zmax -infinity” As this file arrived way to large so I used the scaling feature, the image appears correct after that. The Z warning comes up when I try to preview.
Earlier today I processed a similar file from the same design program, it came in the correct size and did not need any manipuation. KMZ is included
Thank you for the help. The g64 fix worked perfectly for the wide corners.
invalid Z bottom.kmz (298.9 KB)

the letter object you imported contained 80% junk / invalid data. there were thousands of empty point faces. here is the cleaned up workspace that slices properly.

fixed object z bottom workspace (298.7 KB)

Thank you Stewart, I think I sent a note to the mailer daemon and you likley did not get it. Basically said thank you, your program is awesome.
So I thought that my messed up file that you fixed was a result of sizing in Fusion.
I got the idea that I might be able to import an svg with really only two dimensions and use your scaling feature to reduce it to the proper size including a depth for the letters. Seemed
Bedside.kmz (414.4 KB)
to work, looks excellent. However when I animate it does something strange, it cuts the two passes around the letters. When it then clears the rest of the face it also clears the letters. Is there a way to trick KM into leaving the letters? I suspect not but thought I would ask, awesome if it could.

sure, here is the fixed workspace

bedside-fixed.kmz (590.3 KB)

all of the letters were separate objects. using KM’s mesh menu, I exported them all as a single object, deleted the workspace objects, and imported the monolithic object. the individual objects were nested and KM does not look for this scenario. so merging them causes it to see them all as one and “do the right thing”. I also had to “force z max” under output because the parts are not connected into one body and this messes with the path routing and avoidance.

wow! That is going to take some pondering.
In the morning.