"z bottom" not honored by drilling?

Hi Stewart –

It looks like the Z-bottom limit works for everything (that I’ve tried) except drilling. The piece (and stock) is .75" high, and Z-bottom is set to .35". You can see that the outlining stops correctly, but the drilling does not. I assume it should be limited as well? Let me know if you’d like my workspace.


looks like a bug. will fix for tonight’s update.

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Thanks. Seems to be fixed.

The version number (2.5.1) didn’t change. Expected?

it was a minor change that didn’t require cache invalidation.

Looking at the cutting preview, it looked to me like the drilled holes aren’t going as deep as my outlined slots, and indeed, looking at the G-code, that’s true. My z-bottom is .29. The outlined slots go down to .2904 (close enough, I guess), but the holes are only drilled to .3.

Not a huge issue for me right now – just mentioning it.

in the never-ending battle of “right” vs “right now”, I chose “right now” to get you the fastest possible fix. it will be slightly off (by sub-millimeter values) until fixed the “right” way.

:slight_smile: Thanks.

As of tonight’s release (3.0.D25) Z bottom and Z thru are honored by the drill operation.