Z axis alternatives?

I’ve been battling z banding forever it feels. Whilst my corexy no longer is a Gridbot, it still has the z axis and bed solution from it.
I’ve been thinking about a belted z axis for quite a while, but haven’t been able to settle on a solution yet (perhaps with a worm drive to help the bed to stay up when powered off).
I was wondering if anyone has any other ideas for a z axis that doesn’t require buying stuff for a lot of money, like most more advanced/popular printers require?

I’ve tried anti wobble mounts, lose tops on screws and a lot more already.

Every time I’ve seen this with GridBot, it’s been a firmware PID or bang bang setting problem

Thanks for your reply Stewart!

I’ve never used bang-bang and PID is always done as soon as I’ve changed anything.

I’m thinking it might have to do with X/y vibrations or gantry. Shouldn’t be the gantry though since I’ve tried quite a few different kinds.

Today I’ve at last gotten a adxl working with klipper on the printer, made it a tiny bit better perhaps (tuning for vibrations).

if you have X/Y vibrations, increase power to stepper motors

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