Y-plane to the lathe function.

Hello, I’ve been using the KiriMoto app for two years, and it’s great. I wanted to ask if it’s possible to add milling in the Y-plane to the lathe function. Thank you.

Can you provide and example of how this should work?

Hello, when I turn on the indexer, it displays the beginning of milling in the X-axis. I would like to position the fourth axis on the edge of the table so that the milling machine moves in the Y-axis

Would swapping axes in the gcode suffice? Check out this link which shows how to remap axes in the gcode header. Scroll down to AXISMAP. Example:

;; AXISMAP {"X":"Y", "Y":"X"}

Thank you for the advice, but I believe the command will work for 3D printing. I use Fluid_Nc, and that command doesn’t work there. Thanks.

Ah. I can port that feature to the CAM gcode post-processor.

That would be great. Thank you very much.

pushed the feature to https://dev.grid.space/kiri/ for you to test

Hello Stewart, I tried it today and it works great. Thanks a lot.

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Great. I’ll back port that to 3.9 this weekend.