Workspace Export

When I export my Workspace with a right mouseclick, I can share my model and all the settings.

If somebody loads this Worksspace, what happens with his settings and machine profiles? Will they be overwritten? If yes, is there a solution with lower impacts?

I’m preparing a workshop for next weekend where new people will dive into CAM with Kiri:Moto. :sunglasses:

@enhydra … yes, it’s kind of heavy handed at the moment. every time I import workspaces, I do it in private browsing tabs so that it does not interfere with my day to day setups. also, good to keep backups of your workspaces if you’ve invested a lot of time in machine / profile setups.

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OK and thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:

I will work to improve the feature. it could be a more complex dialog won’t parts to import or skip

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