Workflow for school

Thanks for this resource first of all it is an incredible tool.

I teach engineering at a highschool and would like to use this as our 3D print workflow. I have a couple different lulzbots that we print to and I would ideally like students to be able to slice models right in OnShape and then send it to repetier server (havent tested repetier yet).

I have some questions around setting class level parameters where students can only select our three different printers, chose from only a handful of profiles and then generate the G-Code.

I found the hot-key “U” in the documentation that will generate a code that saves the profile in my local browser - but how do I set up this printer / profile on a class level? And can I do it in onshape as well?

Do I need to create hyperlinks for every printer / profile and have the students just click that opens the specific printer/profile?

Hi Allen and welcome.

Session and data management is a little different when Kiri runs inside of Onshape because they manage the iframe, and thus security context. It something I haven’t spent as much time optimizing for the classroom. But I think the following may work:

Using Kiri running on (Kiri:Moto), modify and create the 3 custom printer profiles you want. Then export the profiles as a .kmz file that can be dragged back into the workspace inside of Onshape (or shift + file → import). That will restore the devices and profiles you’ve created for the classroom.


Screen Shot 2023-02-07 at 7.38.32 AM

Awesome. I will be testing the TAZ 6 profile today. And also starting to work on the TAZ 5, and 747 sidekick.

If you get Taz profiles you like, send them to me (same .kmz export process) and I can incorporate them