Why outlining when stock offset == 0?

If I set all of the stock offset values to zero, I would expect no cutting to be necessary on outer flat surfaces, since by definition there’s nothing there to be cut.

I understand that it should be harmless… unless you’d like to put a clamp there.

(I’m looking for a way to cut just the slots.)

at present, stock only affects cutting in Z, animation, and registration holes. there is no good way to cut just this slot right now without modifying your model.

I will explore adding a “clip to stock” option that may address this use case.

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@pgf for tonight’s release

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This is excellent! Thanks!

As it happens, I do want to trim the ends of the part, but not the sides, and I can get that by setting a non-zero offset on the ends.

This is the second time I’ve been caught by KM’s clipping action being calculated against the center of the toolpath, rather than against the cutting edge. (First time was last week, when I had mistakenly set “Inside only” on the contouring pass of my curved piece.) It really feels wrong to use the center line for clipping – in this case, anything less than a stock offset of .125001 will suppress the cut on those ends entirely. (I’m sure it’s much easier to stick to the center line, but it does yield surprises.)

there isn’t an easy workaround, or I would have employed it. but it’s noted as something to work toward.

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