Which Kiri:Moto Version?

When I open grid.space/kiri/ with Chromium on LMDE 6, I shortly see the URL flash to grid.space/kiri/?ver:3.9.5. However, Chromium also offers an install button on the right side of the URL input. But this one says “Install Kiri:Moto 3.9.1” on mouse hover.

This creates a convenient launcher on my desktop. But it says Kiri:Moto 3.9.1. Also the title bar of the Kiri:Moto windows shows 3.9.1 after launch.

So, do I really run an older version after using “install”. Or is it just displaying the wrong version information? How can I find out for sure?


Thanks for the report. It looks like the manifest for installation is out of date relative to the current tag. I’ve fixed it in source. But for you, it’s actually installing 3.9.5 even though it says 3.9.1

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