When export G code selected it regenerates all code over again?

Why does Kiri moto re-generate all the G code over again when export is selected? My workflow is to test each operation as you make them, and it takes quite a while to generate the G code. Then when I export the G code if regenerates everything all over again. Why can’t it use the toolpaths that were already generated in the first test?

If you want to export each operation separately without triggering a regen of the gcode, use version 3.2 and select “zip” in the export dialog. That should give you what you’re looking for.

As for the reason you are seeing this … there are cases where changing which operations are enabled will affect the internal state necessary to export gcode because state is shared between operations. Due to the complexity of predicting this without some pre-processing, enabling/disabling ops cleans the shared state ensuring the correct output.

This will be the subject of some refactoring during the next major release cycle.

Thanks, your right about it not regenerating the G code again.

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