What is the correct way to bevel an edge when CNCing?

What is the correct way to do a bevel to an edge when generating a CNC job?

For designs that have a chamfer I normally use the trace function and change the tool head to match the chamfer angle I require which works OK,

I have a model that is a rectangle with 2 opposite sides beveled and the 2 other sides not, if I try and use trace and select the side I want to bevel it wants to do all sides.

What is the correct method for doing a bevel?

Currently I am thinking my options are to edit my model to change the bevel to a chamfer or to edit the Gcode directly

Screenshot below

Hi @BadgerBadger. Kiri:Moto attempts to find a polyline with no level changes when selecting an edge. If this base is consistent around the part, KM will select all connected segments.

This is something I’ve thought about before, but not had a use case to justify it. I can probably add an alternate selector that shows only individual segments rather than connected polylines.

This won’t solve your problem right now, but I will post a follow-up on this thread after I look into it a little further. If I don’t find some blocker, then expect it in tomorrow’s development (2.7) release.

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OK @BadgerBadger, I have something working. This new checkbox will limit selections to single edges.

I went ahead and pushed it to the production server. Shift + reload the page and it should be live in the 2.7 version. Let me know if it works for you.


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Thanks Stewart, This worked on all of my files but one.
One of my files it did not seem to let me select the lines, but I suspect it was a Onshape export issue with the model as an almost identical version of it worked.

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I am finding some lines I can not select, For example this one.
Tested in 2.6 and 2.7.
I can select every other line but one of the ones I want to

And this one tested in 2.7. I have 2 near identical models, the left one I can bevel but the right one I can not select the lines to bevel.
Kiri_can not bevel|690x369

Can you drop the offending model in a github issue or to me in a DM on the Discord server?

github issue #111

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