WhamBam Mutant planning

I just received my WhamBam Mutant tool swapping system. I got the kit with three mobile plates, so I can experiments with three different hotends (or more general, tools).
I think I’ll stick with hotends for now. I’m currently running an e3d v6 with BlTouch in the standard GridBot 2.0 Bowden setup.

I’m planning on just replacing the current groove/fan/bltouch mount system with the Mutant Fixed plate. After that, I want to use the great “Hero Me Mutant” models
(https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4718158) to print the accessory mounts for the mobile plate starting with replicating the existing e3d setup but switching out the cooling with a 5015 blower (either single or dual).

One this is (hopefully) working, I can think about the other two mobile plates.
I do want to try the e3d Revo once it comes out later this year.
Any other recommendations for interesting (bowden style) hotends?

Also, i need to figure out a good solution of swapping the firmware offsets when switching the hotends.

interesting! post pics when you get it mounted. I’m waiting on a Palette 3 for multi-color work

Will do.
The Palette 3 looks very interesting. I’m looking forward to hear about your experience with that.

I’ve been having trouble printing the fan ducts in decent quality in PETG. Probably just my settings. Haven’t printed PETG much. I think I’m going to abandon PETG for now and instead of doing everything in Carbon PLA I’m going to go the SLA route and use a tough ABS-like resin. The normal resin is too brittle for my taste. I just got an order of the resin delivered today and I hope to make progress over the weekend.

of the many iterations of fans in the GridBots, I printed all but a couple in Ziro CF PLA. I did resin on a couple, but didn’t like the results.

So far my printed pieces are mostly Ziro CF PLA. Only for the printhead I used SLA before and liked the result except for the brittleness of the material. It’s strong, but cracks easily. So I’m giving the ABS-like resin a try and see how it turns out. If I don’t like it, I’m going to use the CF PLA.

I’ve made a little bit of progress. The hotend assembly is almost complete. I’ll share pictures when it’s done. I’ve also installed the fixed plate that holds the interface to the printer that the mobile plates that carry the hotend assembly will connect to.

For now, I’ll just share a photo of the x gantry with the fixed plate.
I’ve reprinted the stock Gridbot x mount base and then cut an interface plate out of acrylic that then holds the Mutant fixed plate. The whole assembly seems quite sturdy even if it doesn’t look like it in the picture.

First fully wired mobile plate with a V6 configuration. Haven’t wired the fixed plate yet - that’s next.

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