Weird: CAM op parameter changes sometimes don't "stick"

I haven’t come up with a repeatable example, but maybe the workaround I’m using will be a clue.

Sometimes changed parameters of CAM ops don’t affect path generation, and revert on page reload. It looks like the UI retains and displays new input, but does not deliver parameter updates to the CAM engine. The same for en/disable state of ops.

It seems that re-ordering operations reliably makes the displayed parameters effective. For a workaround, I add a disabled operation that I drag through the op sequence to make changes stick. That’s easy enough that this doesn’t much interfere with using K:M.

Sorry that’s vague. I’m using Chrome “Version 101.0.4951.59 (Official Build) (64-bit)” on a Chromebook.

Does it make a difference whether you use the “Enter” key or tab between entries?

there is a 250ms delay between param changes and persistence to allow merging of async and multiple edits. something may be stalling there. if i can repro i can fix.

Good thinking to ask. But the issue is present with changes like en/disable operations or trace editing that don’t involve any keyboard entry fields. It’s been a few days since I first posted so I just checked again and found the same thing in current 3.4 and 3.5b.

I’m guessing it has something to do with my setup if it’s not a problem for more people. Shrug.

I just tried with a single operation only and had no problem with inputs taking effect immediately.

Where I’m seeing inputs having no effect until after re-ordering ops is with more ops. Like 7. I’ve not yet tried to find a threshold # of ops.

i’ll try to replicate something like that