Ver 3.9 locks up when slicing

I’m trying to use the new 3.9 version but
workspace 3.9 locked up.kmz (421.5 KB)
it freezes up when trying to slice. If I go back to 3.8 it works fine.

Found the bug. Thanks for the workspace. Will push a fix in a few hours.

I’m having the same problem, but only on a larger piece. I ran a smaller test piece with no problem. It is certainly possible I have something set wrong.
stevesmith.kmz (144.8 KB)

same problem reported on the JS console but not UI … looks like the stock should fit so not 100% sure what’s up. will debug and report back. in the meantime, set stock to 0,0,0 and check offset which results in stock the same size as the part. that works for me.

That works great Stewart. I think I’ll use that going forward, easier than resizing stock for each project.


I have a proper fix for this now that will go out tonight.