V4.0.0 - Pocket operation starts @ Z=32

I’ve just started using Kiri:Moto from the “app store” in Onshape.
It’s great, thanks very much.

However I just hit an issue when pocketing, whereby the first operation is “G0 Z32” and the cut (G1) then starts a spiral down towards the stock.
Hopefully the ncviewer screenshot below illustrates what I’m trying to describe.

In this case this is a problem because 32mm plus my stock thickness exceeds the range of my machine and I get a limit alarn and job halts.

I think I can workaround this by replacing G0 Z32 with a conservative height and removing several of the subsequent G1 lines.

I don’t see the requirement to start so high above the stock, but I expect I’ve missed the point somehow.



Here’s the GCODE from Kiri:Moto


sorry for multiple posts … I can’t attach more than one image as a new user.

Here’s my pocket operation settings

I need to see your workspace to figure out what’s up. So please use Files → Export and email the .kmz file to me [ sa at grid dot space ].

Thanks for the quick response.
KMZ sent.

got it. I’ll push a fix for this in a few days. ease down is still missing a few places. but it’s not going high with your step down now.

Thanks very much