V3.9 Leveling Operation

New here…

Really like the intuitive interface! Thanks!

Having difficulty using the leveling operation in version 3.9 as an add-in to Onshape.

Unable to get the leveling operation to create the tool path to the extents of the stock. The instructions I’m following are in the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08795Sj22QE&t=2567s

At 29:55 the stock modifier is shown as having a checkbox for “enable”. When checked, the tutorial shows the toolpath extending to the boundaries of the stock. When unchecked, the toolpath extends only to the boundaries of the part. …in the video.

But, not in real life. Version 3.9 doesn’t have an enable checkbox.

I’ve tried older versions. (Execute a “shift & refresh” in Onshape between changing versions). Here I can find the checkbox. Also, the toolpath will generate to the extents of the stock, but I’m unable to limit it to the part extents by using the enable checkbox.

Seems like the app intent is to allow changing the limits of the toolpath.

My model is an imported stl file.

What am I missing? Thanks for any/all input!

the leveling operation is limited to the bounds of the part. the referenced option has not been available for a long time.

What I do is create a dummy part that is just a few mm bigger than my stock.
This way the full surface of my stock is planed/skimmed/leveled.