Updates to GridBot v2 CAD

I’ve finally tested some mods to GridBot v2. They’re in the official CAD model now.

The first change is to split the hot end mound into an x rail bracket and the hot end fork. This allows you to change or upgrade the head holding unit without re-running the X and Y belts. It also makes them easier to SLA 3D print.

The second change was already in the model, but not yet tested in the real world. And that is a slight move of the XY idler bolt hole position. This keeps the motion of the head parallel to the belt in the Y.

Both changes work as expected.


Awesome. After a first decent result printing the original hotend mount in SLA with white resin, I now had four failed attempts of printing it in black. So I’m happy to see this change and will get right to it this weekend.
And of course the added modularity is a big plus too.

Odd that black would be less reliable. Was it an adhesion issue? You may need to increase the cure time per layer with darker resin.

I added SLA-specific mods to the x rail bracket that are disabled by default. It braces the part and presents more surface area to the build plate making the print more reliable and preserving dimensionality. They are easy to break away. Look under the “head” tab. If you can’t figure out how to enable them, I’ll email the STL to you.

The first two times it was an adhesion issue. Then I rearranged the model on the plate and changed supports, but saw some deformation in certain structures. I used the published settings for anycubic black resin, but it really seems I need longer cure times per layer.

I’m going to have a look at the x rail bracket mod tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it worked out.

It took me a while to figure out that I could only unsuppress the SLA features in a copy of the onshape model and not directly in the read-only original. I was eventually able to do so in my copy and exported the head with SLA features. I will print it later today or this weekend.

The SLA print of the new head mount worked well. I printed without the SLA features for now and I increased the exposure times a bit.