Upcoming 2.6 Release and Call for Testers

Kiri:Moto 2.6 will become the default version on January 31. A lot of code has changed once again. I would really appreciate it if everyone could go over to https://grid.space/choose and select 2.6 then try out Kiri:Moto in the ways you usually use it.

The focus of this release has been FDM Belt Printers and improved CNC operations (specifically the “trace” op). In the process of making those changes, new key bindings and visuals were added. A lot of bugs were cleaned up. And more large sections of code were refactored to make it all possible.

I’ve tried to post a few videos along the way. But they don’t really capture everything that’s changed under the hood or all the details. I think doing that justice would be a full time job unto itself.

If you would like to see Kiri:Moto localized in other languages, I’ve done the work to make this possible. I just need people to do the translations of a single dictionary. Take a look at the English version to get a feel for what it takes.