Unable to Import Files under iOS Browser(s) - Dimmed Out

As the title indicates, it is impossible to import any file into Kiri:Moto running any recent version of iOS/iPadOS browser (including Safari/Firefox/Chrome/iCabMobile/Puffin, among others). This error occurs under all iOS Versions from 11.x.x to 14.2.x.

This appears to be a bug in the underlying Java code which does not indicate support for stl files.

This limitation does not exist using other browser-based iOS 3D design apps, such as TinkerCAD and AstroPrint.

I have attempted file imports using all current public versions of Kiri:Moto with the same result.

If there is another workaround, I am unable to find it.

Please look into this. If I may be of any further assistance, please let me know.

Many Thanks!

Hi @Trek_Lurker and welcome. Thanks for the bug report. I’ll look into it today.

I was able to replicate this on a recent iPad and will push out a fix tonight EST.

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Stewart- Thanks again very much for both the rapid reply and the work on the fix.

I’ll report back after updating to the latest release.



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Thorough trialing on all iPhone and iPad platforms with iOS versions 11.x-14.x confirms successful file I/O locally and via iCloud.

Thanks again!


Excellent. Thanks for the extensive verification.

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