UI issue when entering scale and rotation factors

When I bring up the Stock or Limits tabs, and make a change to one of their values, the new value will take effect as soon as either a) I hit Enter, or b) I move my mouse out of the tab, and let it timeout and disappear.

When I make changes in either the Scale or Rotation tabs, the new value seems to only be accepted if I hit Enter. If I move out of the tab, it disappears immediately (no delay), the new value is not applied, and when I bring up the tab again my changed value no longer has the “edit in progress” yellow background. It looks exactly as if it had been accepted, but it hasn’t been. Hitting enter in the field will actually apply the change.

So I guess there are two issues: The tabs on the left side of the screen should have the same “delay after mouse exit” behavior as those on the left, and values should be accepted under the same conditions as those in the right tabs.

(The “operation” tabs along the bottom seem to have an exit delay, though much shorter than the right-hand tabs. Since changing values in the operation tabs doesn’t have an immediate visual effect, I haven’t investigated whether they’re actually applied on tab exit or not.)

(Happy New Year!)

Thanks, Paul. These sections of the UI are handled by different code, mostly for legacy reasons, which is why they behave differently. It’s on the todo list to normalize their behavior.

Good to hear.

If there’s a option, during your normalization, to make the pop-outs “sticky” (no timeout) if clicked on, something like the bookmark menus in Chrome, I think it would help on some devices.
I use KM on a Thinkpad a lot, using the trackpoint device for the pointer. It’s not as fast or natural as a mouse (but better for me than a trackpad), and navigating some menus/tasks can be frustrating – it’s too easy to overshoot when moving quickly, and when what I’m aiming for disappears, I have to start over from the beginning. Even just making the long timeout be common across all the elements would be a help.

Oh – and I’ve been playing with scaling one of my parts by just 1 or 2%, and it was kind of confusing before I realized my change wasn’t being applied without hitting enter.

that’s the current plan :slight_smile:

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