TypeError : u is undefined

after a while without milling I’m back using Kiri:Moto and no matter the version I use I get a “TypeError : u is undefined” error with Firefox. No problem with Chromium so I can bypass the issue.

Kiri:Moto version : any from 2.3. For older versions the variable name differs : 2.2 “F is undefined”, 2.1 and 2.0 “M is undefined”.
OS : Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS
Browser : Firefox 85.0 or Chromium 88.0.4324.150
Actions : 1/ load a STL file 2/ set an action if Kiri:Moto version >= 2.5, for example “rough” 3/ Start


Hi @patrice, that’s vexing. Can you right-click the workspace and export the .km and email to me [sa@grid.space] ?

I suspect this could be a stale cache issue. Can you force a page reload with shift + reload? You have to do that any time you switch versions. I haven’t been able to reproduce any cnc errors.

I reloaded the page, no change. But as I had a couple of minutes for debugging, I checked the browser console and found some interesting lines. Sorry, the original messages are in French :
L’évènement « key » n’est pas disponible pour certaines dispositions de clavier : key=“r” modifiers=“accel,alt” id=“key_toggleReaderMode” browser.xhtml
L’évènement « key » n’est pas disponible pour certaines dispositions de clavier : key=“i” modifiers=“accel,alt,shift” id=“key_browserToolbox” browser.xhtml
L’évènement « key » n’est pas disponible dans GTK2 : key=“u” modifiers=“accel,shift” id=""

I found some references to these messages with their translation :
Key event not available on some keyboard layouts : key=“r”…
Key event not available on GTK2 : key…

I’m using a standard French keyboard (AZERTY), not an exotic one (Bepo, …).

As you can see quite the same message is emitted, but either related to the keyboard or GTK2 and for various keys (r, i and u). Maybe it’s related to the graphic library used by Gnome on Ubuntu, maybe it’s related to the way you define and/or use the key interface, I don’t know. I’m a system engineer, not a web developer and I don’t know much about those libraries and interfaces :frowning:

I’ve just been testing with ubuntu and firefox / chromium. and I have two last things to try, if you don’t mind.

the first is to right-click the workspace and select “clear workspace”

if it doesn’t work after that, try [shift] + z (or uppercase Z) to clear all settings

thanks and hope one of those two things works.

if not, you can still right-click and export your workspace and send it to me. perhaps there is an odd setting captured there.

“Clear workspace” did it :slight_smile: I’ll keep it in mind for a later use just in case…


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