Trying to use on iPad and experiencing a few issues

I am trying to use kirimoto in safari on my iPad 8thgen, and it runs beautifully until I slice. When I try to preview the Slice it slows to a crawl, or sometimes crashes completely.

I also can’t interact with the slider to view the different layers after slicing, Im not sure if this is just a result of the slow down or not.

Hi @RedLetter20 and welcome. On iOS, all browsers are now required to use Apple’s WebKit. So even when you use Chrome or Firefox, it’s Apple’s renderer. And WebKit is notoriously bad at a) memory management b) keeping up with web standards.

Slicing crashing is likely related to memory consumption either from a large/complex model and/or choices like infill type. Try using linear with repeat, triangle, or grid. Hex at higher densities and especially Gyroid use a lot more memory.

The slider issue is known. A workaround is to use two-finger touch and slide up/down. Be careful to have your fingers roughly horizontal from each other and not pinch at the same time.

Awesome. Both tips worked out fine.

One other thing I notched is changing the slicer quality down to 25 helps. But is that just the rendering quality on screen or will that affect the print quality as well?

that affects the shortest segment length for output gcode. it can greatly reduce memory use on models with highly complex surfaces.

Ah got it.

Im running KiriMoto in my own docker container, too bad there’s no way to leverage the CPU power of the system its running on for Slicing.

Typically the browser’s JS engine is faster than node on the server. The overhead of transferring models and data between the browser and server has a lot of overhead. So even when the server has faster compute, it loses that advantage when you take network into account. Obviously this is not so much the case with iPads, especially older ones.

This is also intentional because I want KM to be an entirely private browsing experience with no private model data going to the cloud or even depending on the cloud.