"Tools" List is missing?

I have had about 10 tools that I entered and saved in my Kiri:Moto CNC profile. However today when I clicked on the Tools icon to enter a new tool, the list was completely empty, but under the “Details” pane of the dialog, were some parameters for a V20 bit. However, when I added a “Rough” or “Outline” task to the job, my tools are available in the drop down list for selection. The problem is that I cannot enter new tools or modify existing ones. How do I get the tools back?

Hi @Bruce_Chadbourne and welcome. This looks like a HTML/CSS bug in the latest 3.0 release. Should be easy to fix. Will post a patch in a few hours when I can get back to a computer.

Thank you ! (and for the quick response). I am happy that I was not losing my mind (have used Kiri:Moto intermittently for about the last 6 months, perhaps not often enough to retain proficiency).


Got a fix. Will post around 9pm EST.