Tool dialog is broken in Safari

New user to KM, only been CNCing for a couple of months. The short story is; Onefinity CNC, Mac and SketchUp. KM seems to have everything I need to this point now that I am getting serious about carving .stl files out of SU.

I have been using Safari and it was working fine until a week or so ago. When trying to load a couple of new tools the dialog box does not display properly anymore, it was working up to now. Just has several white lines running from top to bottom of the screen.

I have Chrome loaded and It works fine there, but I prefer to use one browser. Is this a settings issue (browser or KM) or an actual bug?


this is the first i’ve heard of it so i’ll verify as soon as i get back to a computer. thanks for the report.

thanks for the quick response!

which version of Mac OS and Safari are you using? it’s working for me in Safari 14.1 – also please export your workspace and share it with me in case it’s somehow a workspace settings.

Monterey 12.3.1
Safari 15.4

Won’t let me upload because I am a new user.

can you use dropbox or google drive or any other file sharing service? I have a mac running 12.x, but it’s not here. will be able to check if it’s the newer safari version late tonight. honestly, safari / webkit has become the new IE of our age.

I don’t use Google Drive, I have used dropbox but the only options I am seeing for this file are mail, message, airdrop, and copy link. All of which require an email address or phone number.

FYI: I copied the Longmill machine and created a Onefinity profile for my machine. This is nothing I need today, when you get to the 12.x machine let me know.


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looks like Safari 15 broke something with flex box again. I put in a hack to limit the dialog size. works for me. please verify in version 3.4 (use top right version menu in KM)

That got it, thanks. Pleasantly surprised that it brought in the tools I entered in Chrome yesterday as well. I guess they were part of the desktop when I saved it.

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