Thoughts on Duet Boards for future expansion

Stumbled across this build while looking for a marginally cheaper railcore alternatives, and decided it fit my needs nicely. However, I know myself well enough to know that I can never leave a working piece of tech un-upgraded. With that eye for feature addition until failure, would there be any reason I couldn’t use a Duet 3 to run everything instead of an SKR 1.3? Pictures of the worlds messiest desk for build progress.

Hi @sigfried! Nice progress on your build. I see no reason you can’t use a Duet 3 board to drive this. Is there specific functionality you were worried about?

Thanks for the reply @stewart. I wouldn’t say I’m worried about functionality, just trying to head off any potential compatibility issues off at the pass. This was originally going to be a down the road upgrade, but I appear to have already killed the USB port on the SKR 1.3, so it’s getting expedited.

Duet board is in and mostly attached. Movement seems to be functioning, though I had to significantly up the current going to the z stepper to move the bed without skipping. Still trying to get sensorless homing working how I expect it to, and many steps have been needlessly lost pushing the hotend carriage into the walls. Touch screen and pi both fell victim to the Duet web interface, so I guess the ender is getting a cosmetic upgrade out of this as well. Hoping to get first extrusion and maybe a first print this weekend. Will add pictures as I hide my criminally bad cable management.

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Well, I did promise more pictures, though the cleaned up cable management never did actually happen. Still troubleshooting problems with the duet board, and had to improvise a slightly different bed leveling system because my glass build plate was larger than my heated bed. ABL has been a godsend, because how I have the bed mounted 100% wouldn’t work without it. Working on a 2020 extrusion frame for the bed so I can move towards a true bed leveling solution, but like most works in progress these days the parts are stuck in shipping. Printing like a champ though.

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Thanks for the update. Great to see your progress!