This is a lifesaver!

I´m a former citizen of the golden cage that is called Fusion360 since the beginning. When I had to left as I couln´t afford it aynmore I also noticed that its a dead end anyway with more less locking my files in. However is was really dependend on the Fusion cam as I had a lot of practice hours on it. I switched to SolveSpace for CAD as it had a similar speedy workflow as F360. CAM was still a huge problem though. I tried freecad path and all the alternatives like pycam and estlcam and whatnot and all left me unsatisifed in one way or another. Then I discovered Kiri:Moto half a year ago and Iḿ continously amazerd of what it can do CAM wise and how it assembles F360cam pretty closely already and beyond.

Yesterday I noticed that my toolchain is up and running again with the help of it. I was really worried to never get it up to speed again :slight_smile:

Good stuff, this probably means it will turn into an commercial package with 50 bucks a a month soon :smiley:


@BKLronin welcome and thanks for the update! Kiri:Moto is 100% open source and free. Clone the github repo if you’re worried :slight_smile: I have no desire to turn it into a business. It remains a project done for the love of the challenge, the ability to move fast and innovate, and of course the wonderful community.

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This is great, humanity really needs projects like this. Sounds exagerrated but its not :slight_smile:

Good stuff!

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