Tabs on a concave edge

Stewart – thanks for all the work on getting outlining to work on my U-shaped part. That part looks good, now.

There’s still an issue with tabs on that concave edge. You can see the issue easily in these images.

The first is with 3 tabs on the part. I’m not sure I’d call that “evenly spaced” around the part, and the tab on the concave edge is clearly too wide.

With 5 tabs, the concave tab is even more extreme:

And finally, just a question about the cutting path. What are these little “tails”? I’m having trouble picturing their purpose.

Inside your U-shaped part, the raised part you see is an artifact of the way tabs are projected radially from the center of the part. Tabs are cut at any intersecting point. So that large raised area is the union of all internally projected tabs. This will change in 2.4. But it’s too big of a change to make now.

looking into the “tails” now

fixed the tails for D13. this shows the projection of tabs a little more clearly.

Thanks for the explanation. So for now, all I can do is play with # of tabs, and width, to adjust their position. (And initial angle.) Got it.