SVG path input to KiriMoto

I have a drawing (Inkscape) that is a simple path; for simplicity sake, call it rectangle. Converted the object to a path, saved as an .SVG and imported, Kiri:Moto makes it a solid, and wants to cut a rectangular pocket.
I would like it to simply carve the path. (I want to be able to rout more interesting patterns, like cloverleafs, hearts, whatever; not as pockets).
What am I missing?

you’re not missing anything. at the moment, KM only deals with 3D solids, not 2D paths. so SVGs are extruded. there is a feature I plan to write to overlay 2D paths onto 3D surfaces (usually flat admittedly, but could be more interesting) which will give you want you want with the trace operation. at present, if your paths are simple enough (not self-intersecting), you can use the existing SVG 3D extrusion and then use the trace operation to select the outline (top or bottom edge) of the 3D part and just “follow” that.