"Start Printing after Upload" Checkbox to Octoprint Targets

Online version uploads file to target directory but does not start print automatically. In my local copy, fiddling with export.js by changing api call (POST) /api/files/local to /server/files/upload and simply adding a form.append("print","true") somewhere worked flawless for me.

But a checkbox of "Start Printing after Upload" similar to Cura/Slic3r/PS/SS would be an ultimate solution since online version is embeddable in OnShape, Thingiverse and some other sites. It’s a royal nuisance everytime changing the browser tab to Fluidd/Octoprint just for starting a print.

Closely related issue is persistency of host and api key (and a putative checkbox) values for both local and remote targets. These values can be stored in cookies(?) just like every other parameter.

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Hi @Tunc and thanks for the recommendation. This should be easy to add.