Spindle Speed + tool change (Nomad 3)

Hello Stewart,

I’ve been trying to use the Nomad 3 with kiri moto and I’ve succesfully done most of the things and fixed some small problems I’ve also encountered with the Shapeoko 3.

  • Added this line at the end of the header (G53G0Z-5.000 ; ) to prevent the head knocking against the piece before starting the actual milling (right after using the bitsetter and bitzero)
  • Added a max spindle speed so the machine will set the speed when asked.
  • Added this line to set the spindle speed (M03S{speed} ; )

The only problem that I now have before I can start my first actual run is that the spindle doesn’t run after the first tool change.

This is the how it currently works:
Header → Spindle Speed → Tool Change
The Spindle starts at the step of Spindle Speed and then stops when it gets to the Tool Change step. The Spindle stays at 0 speed after the tool change. So the machine tries to mill with a spindle that isn’t rotating.

I’ve tried to add the same line for the spindle speed at the end of the Tool Change step, but the speed and rpm values are both 0 at that point.

Do you know how I can fix this or is there an option to make the tool change go before the Spindle Speed step.
It’s kind of logical to do them in this order because you don’t want the spindle running right before you do a Tool Change.

You can see the difference between the Carbide create code and the Kiri Moto code in the image below

I’ve just seen that there was a similar problem in 2020, but I can’t find the solution in there.

And the last I want to know is, if the tool changes or you add another contour/rough/…, does the Spindle Speed change too when needed? Or does this only change right after the Header?

Let me know if you know how to fix this. I think the best solution is to add some buttons/options to manage the order between these.

I’m looking forward to your reaction.


Hi @Steven_Van_Durm and thanks for this bug report. I have patched the code to ensure that spindle speed updates come after tool changes and that the {spindle} variable is also available in the tool change macro. This will be pushed live to 3.4 later today.

Hello Stewart,

Thanks for the quick response, I’ll try it tomorrow.


Great. Make sure you use the chooser to select version 3.4 beta – this is not in the 3.3 stable release