Smoothing Operation


I have been doing some intricate cuts from STL’s on my mill. I have found that some designs of circular like paths but they are not circles (either low resolution or hand drawn etc.). The problem I am running into is that my feedrate slows down to a crawl on these features. I don’t know if it is because I am overloading the machine with too many gcodes - causing this lag or if it is just so many small linear movements that represent a curve that the machine is constantly accelerating / deccelerating to try and accomplish this.

I read about other processsors that have a smoothing feature - essentually it approximates a toolpath using more G02 and G03 moves instead of multiple G01 moves.

Has anyone else experienced this problem or have any insight?

The current CNC post processor does not do arc interpolation. The FDM post has this feature, but it needs to be ported over. On the todo list for a future version.

Good to know. I suppose a workaround for now is to have a larger step down and lower the feedrate accordingly.