Smoother spool mount?

@stewart, I remember you talking about a smoother pool mount. The first one worked fine with my 500g cardboard spool from protopasta, but I have a 1kg plastic one from atomic I just loaded up and it goes Ca-Chunk every once in a while because it doesn’t rotate that smoothly.

Do you have a prototype that uses less friction that I can print? I have a few extra of the 8mm bearings and a bunch of 608 ones lying around.

Yes, but I’ll need to know the inner diameter and thickness of your spool to give you the right STL. Here is the one I use for the Ziro CF rolls.

52.70mm diameter, 73mm wide. Is it in onshape someplace? I can work from that if it is.

The one I shared should work then. It’s in my private GridBot development doc. When I release new versions, I clone the document at a checkpoint. That cleans up the history so you don’t get 1000’s of changes.

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I printed this one today, but it looks like it also needs a new spool holder. This adapter didn’t fit on the holder in the v2 onshape model.

Is it the length, or the size of the lip at the end?

I am finally printing it now, on my slow printer. I forgot how long it takes.

This one I printed for the original spool works:

My spool is a bit longer than the ziro though, so you might still have some extra length.

Thanks, that one works

FWIW, I think that spool holder would work well enough if you just scaled it in the slicer to fit whatever you wanted.

I have the spool holder and the spool adapter both installed now and it is working great.

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Yes, you’re right. Once I have everything together I’ll also be able to more easily see what works and what doesn’t - and make adjustments accordingly. Right now I’m still just facing a big pile of parts.