Simulation and bit dia

To make sure up front: The milled result is always fine. :slight_smile:

But is this a known behavior, when the milling bit is not shown in the exact dimension? Here I use a 3.175mm bit and it should not leave gaps between the paths.

endcover.kmz (210.3 KB)

All of your tools are ID 1, which is a problem for the engine, so it picks the first one. Each tool should have a unique ID. When I set the tool ID of the 3.175 end mill to 2, it’s unique and renders / animates properly.

Thanks for your reply. Yes that solved it. :slight_smile:
I misinterpreted the ID. I thought it’s a tool number which affects the milling process.

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You’re not wrong. But it only affects simulation. So perhaps that’s a bug, too.

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I’ve confirmed this is a bug in animation when tools share a #. it’s a tough fix because by the time path data gets to the animation engine, the tool’s internal ID is lost (gcode only cares about the tool #) … will think about this a bit more.

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