Setting up Kiri:Moto for Lulzbot Mini2?

I’m getting back into 3D printing after some time away from it. My last time was helping out my daughter’s 6th grade class with her favorite teacher who was just getting into it herself. My daughter is now a senior in High School, so it’s been a while.) That same teacher is now teaching 5th grade and has asked if I would be willing to help again, and bring my 3D printer (helping out in the local schools was one of the reasons I bought it).

I’m finding I’ve forgotten more than I remember. I have a Lulzbot Mini2 (upgraded from the Mini I had last time around). We need a simple slicing solution. one option is to find/borrow a capable windows machine and run the Lutzbot customized edition: Cura LE on it. That would be simple, since they have the start and end Gcode all set up, and numerous preloaded filament profiles.

However, I’m wondering if having them do their own slicing using Kiri:Moto would be a better option. No slicing backlog at the one machine capable of running Cura.

The problem is, I don’t recall how to set up a printer profile and don’t know the specifics of loading it in to KM. Is it as simple as copying over the start and end Gcode and exporting some appropriate filament profiles and somehow entering them in to KM? Is there a tutorial somewhere on initial printer set up in KM?

Hi @John_Mc and welcome. For the most part, creating a new machine profile is as simple as cloning a similar machine, changing dimensions, and the start and end gcode. Sometimes for machines with highly specific needs, you can crib and modify the start/end from code generated in Cura or another slicer. I can help you there if you run into issues.

Once you have a working profile, I can fold that profile in the KM code base. But you can also store classroom device and print profiles in a network accessible URL so that classroom computers can just open a bookmarked location. Then each session restores known good settings. I’ve documented that on under Shared Profiles. The only caveat to this method is it will override any customizations. So not great on your personal computer.