Setting the correct Z offset

If my z probe is .5 mm should I be setting my z offset to .5 or -.5? I am using top as the origin/anchor

I have tried at both z offset location both ways and the g code all shows the first pass being above the part.I would have expected if z0 was actaully .5 above the stock and my roughing pass has a .2 step down why would the first pass not be at z-0.7?

@stewart any help on this?

KM offers two Z offsets. One changes the part location in stock and the other changes the origin relative to stock. Are those the two you are referring to? Are you trying to get KM to rewrite gcode output to take into account a Z probe issue? Neither of those settings accomplishes this. The gcode generated takes those offsets into account creates paths that assume your homing / z probe is accurate. I think you’re looking for a post-processing step that changes all gcode coordinates to reflect this probe issue?

My z probe is zeros my machine .5mm above the material. I assumed setting .5 on the Z offset box would cause km to generate gcode that essentially adjusted all Z positions down .5mm

Is that not the case?

If you Z anchor your part to the top of the stock and then use the Origin → Offset Z, it might work the way you expect. I’ve never tested it nor did I intend the origin offset to be used in this way.