Select just the curved edge

I just want to select and cut the curved edge

are you using a contour operation with curves only selected? or are you talking about a 2D curve cut along a single line?

Hi Stewart sorry about the lack of information. The message was sent prematurely. I have 17mm ply that is 1200 x 800 and I want to cut a 1620mm dia arc across the 1200mm edge. I tried trace but it will not select the arc as one but rather as 100mm segments and even then it misses some.

Do you mind sharing your workspace (right click export) so I can better diagnose this?

workspace (1).kmz (1.1 MB)
Hi Stewart

See attached workspace.
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workspace (2).kmz (122.5 KB)

Hi Stewart
See attached file. Have it working by selecting the bottom edge of the model. So is this the correct way of doing this. The curve is broken up into a number of lines when you select it. I assume than when you use trace you click the plus button to add line and then the tick to complete your selection, is this correct. Select the single lines only button first.

it looks like you’ve selected the edge properly. if you are not selecting a closed line (polygon), then you have to select individual lines. it can be a pain on a curved edge like this. ctrl+click is supposed to select lines on the same plane. but in this model, it seems the lines are off by a microscopic fraction and are missed. I will have to loosen the search a little to make this more useful.

this is how it shows up in slice mode. I’m guessing you wanted to cut this offset from the part? inside/outside do not currently work on open polygons since there is no “inside” or “outside” of a line. it’s on my todo list to figure out a workaround.

Thank-you Stewart
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