Sandify workstation and ZenXY desk

It started with me wanting a better place to put my gridbot. The scope grew and now I have a counter height work area with a 2D corexy sand machine in the middle. This machine drags magnet under a glass surface. There is sand (well, baking soda) on top of the glass and a steel marble that makes tracks on the sand. Then some led side lighting and another piece of glass on the top. The base is made on ikea kitchen cabinets and the top is butcher block from the home store.

I have a lot more details in this other forum post, but all these printed parts are from the gridbot, which now has a happy place on the top of the counter where I have plenty of room to work. Besides, I think you all would appreciate another corexy machine:


That’s a beautiful setup :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing!

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