Rounding issues for inch units

I see this all the time with inch values that I enter as whole integers, and then see them displayed as very-close fractions. Clearly there’s a floating conversion error going on with the internal conversion to mm and back. Mostly I’ve just ignored it.

The repeating 9 digits in the machine and stock dimensions could almost certainly be cleared up by rounding to some very small precision – millionths or billionths. The misrepresentation of “13” as 12.99212 is harder to understand, and perhaps harder to trivially fix.

Clearly not a huge deal – mostly aesthetic, but perhaps worth thinking about.



agree that’s annoying. I work in mm so never see this. will work on a quick fix. hopefully not too hard.

will be fixed in the next push

Thanks. I’m not sure why I don’t work in metric. But I never made the switch.

Will this change only affect screen output, or might it also change G-code?

control of gcode output units is controlled by the gcode header for your device. if you use G20, output is converted to imperial. if you use G21 or don’t specify either, output is in metric.

Yes, I know that – sorry I wasn’t clear. I was wondering if the rounding fix you’ve applied (to change 3.9999 to “4”) just affects screen display, or will affect G-code output. (Which is another form of “display”, of course.)


ah, it should only affect display. unless you then edit the field with the rounded value. then that becomes the new actual value.

Well, I hope that most of the time the rounded value I see will be the round-number value I entered, so that conversion should be moot. (I.e., I rarely actually enter a number like 3.19999 inches".

(Although, come to think of it, I did enter a value of .2501 the other day, to force KM to allow my 1/4" bit to carve a 1/4" slot.)