Roughing then contour

If I set up two steps like this, roughing then contour, does contour know that the shape of the part has changed? Does contour skip all of the stuff that roughing already removed?


I think the answer is… kind off.

The roughing pass removes material down to the “leave stock” setting in the roughing options box. but keep in mind that if you are roughing wtih a 1/4" end mill and you have features that the endmill won’t fit in then it wont be able to remove any of that material.

The countour pass then comes along and actually follows the contour of your part for whatever stepoever you tell it to.

So the countour pass is counting on you making sure there is not very much stock left because it is “countouring” the faces of the part.

I would watch the definitive kirimoto 2.5 video on youtube if you have not already - very informative.

I definitely need to rewatch that video. Thanks