Roughing operation is cutting lower than specified 'Leave stock' setting

Here is a very simple model which illustrates a problem with roughing. I have a roughing operation set to Leave 1.5mm stock and then a couple of contour operations, the final one leaving 0.5mm stock. After all operations it can be seen that traces of the roughing operation are still visible in the work. Looks like the roughing operation is cutting lower than the specified ‘Leave Stock’ setting.
kiri-roughingTest-2.kmz (148.5 KB)

I think I’d misunderstood ‘Leave Stock’ In Rough operations, I didn’t see at first the explanation when hovering over the Leave Stock option, the ‘Leave stock’ option only pertains to the amount amount of stock left horizontally from vertical surfaces.

Is the amount left dependant on the angle of the surface being roughed? For example, a surface with a very gentle slope as in my example, will be roughed almost to the finished size. Is this option only leaving the full amount of the Leave Stock parameter on vertical surfaces?
The ‘Leave stock’ Option in Contour operations is different, It’s the amount of material left vertically above the surface? In other words, the opposite way around to the Rough operation.

It would be perhaps useful if the roughing operation left a uniform amount of stock, both vertically and horizontally for finishing passes that could be specified in the ‘Leave Stock’ option?

Many thanks once again for your patience and for providing such a great software.

All correct. It’s more difficult to calculate, so something I’ll revisit in 4.0

Thanks for the confirmation.