Roughing not leaving stock

So Im trying to cut out a part that has an internal pocket, 2 rabbet joints and the outside profile. I want to do a rough pass leaving stock to finish (for sizing).

  1. roughing operation - set to leave 0.25 stock
    works great internal pocket
    works great for 2 rabbet joints
    ** DOES Not leave stock around outside profile

  2. outline operation - finish all roughing
    works great internal pocket
    ** DOES Not finish rabbet joint
    ** Follows same path as roughing operation

@CFaub welcome and thanks for the report. I confirmed this is a bug and patched 3.0 with a possible fix. Please select dev version 3 from the top right person/gear menu then shift + reload. Then verify if the fix works for your model. Once verified, I will back-port the fix to 2.9

The fix deployed is for the roughing offset on exterior geometry. If you can share your workspace (right-click export) here or DM it to me, I can check out what’s happening with the rabbet joint.

Did you receive the files I sent?

No. How did you send them?

Sorry it says new users can’t upload files