Rough operation leaves stock

Yesterday I milled this object and Kiri did some strange things while using the “rough” operation:

A) It left the red marked stock uncut
B) It milled the top like “clear top” but the bit did not touch the stock

Is there a way to prevent this?

As a workaround, I added a “pocket” operation and it took care after the leftovers. :wink:

And hej, I was thrilled as I added the “contour” operation for the prismatic area. I expected paths all over the part. But it “did” just that. Kiri rocks! :sunglasses:

Bottle_grinder.kmz (32.6 KB)

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looks like the tool tip is slightly wrong … I need to remove “when contouring” since it applies to all clearing operations with a step over. it’s a polygon offsetting problem until I implement adaptive clearing. I run animations before every job now.

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Thank you for reply. I completely missed to look at the tool tip. Sorry