Release 3.8 Live

This release features large performance gains in CAM contouring and a host of new features for existing operations. FDM also received some love with memory reductions in slicing, new range parameters, and a few fixes. The contouring work was intended to lay the groundwork for the upcoming 4th axis lathe operation. The lathe code already exists in 3.8, but it is not yet completed wired up and debugged. It may make an appearance in a later 3.8 release or 3.8 will become a short release cycle to get 3.9 out when it is completed.

Details (from

  • update server-side sample module code
  • various fixes and improvements to CAM indexing
  • various fixes and improvements to gcode variables
  • improve gcode arc import decoding
  • removed auto-decimation on object import
  • FDM slicing memory reduction from team lychee
  • FDM add new parameters, range overrides
  • FDM fix raft line fill strategy
  • CAM improve trace line selection with zoom adaptive thresholds
  • CAM option to control first output point order
  • CAM move to save Z between ops, refresh spindle speed
  • CAM add origin offset optional parameters
  • CAM add control to omit initial tool change
  • CAM fix vertical face selection and step over defaults
  • CAM fix multi-part object import / grouping
  • CAM fix tracing nested polyline offset ordering
  • CAM refactor of contouring yields 2x - 20x speedup
  • CAM update traces to async slicing, fix use with flip
  • CAM add threading support for all slicing ops
  • CAM add omit pocket option to outline op
  • CAM add trace support for taper tip diameter
  • CAM add trace offset override parameter
  • CAM add leave stock parameter to contour
  • CAM add contour output density control (reduction)
  • CAM improve parsing and visualization of large files