Release 3.7 Live

This release adds 4th axis indexing for CAM mode. While the bullet list is shorter, the number of changes under the hood are more significant. Lathe mode as an extension of this capability should be part of the 3.8 dev cycle. The other big addition is a new animation engine for indexed jobs that leverages the excellent Manifold project to perform real-time boolean subtraction of solids. It’s a bit slower (for now) as a result, but the visuals should be more exacting.

Details (from

  • add CAM axes scaling gcode header directive
  • add CAM 4th axis indexing support, timeline op, updated visuals
  • update most CAM ops to work in 4th axis indexing mode
  • align FDM top/bottom layer options with convention
  • change Kiri:Moto SVG import to default to boolean repair
  • add Mesh:Tool SVG import options for extrusion depth and boolean repair
  • replace jscad/modeling with Manifold project for faster mesh boolean
  • various CAM gcode, preview, animation fixes (3 axis)
  • various mobile touch, file load fixes
  • add FDM slice support growth option to help merging pillars
  • add CAM tools export / import parity with devices and settings