Release 3.6 Live

This release had a few twists and turns. While laying the ground-work for 4-axis milling, the Carvera showed up and I took a detour into mobile improvements and laser pathing. So it ended up being a mix of CAM + Laser and mobile updates with a major update to CAM animation.

The 4th-axis work is now slated for 3.7, which might be slightly more disruptive. I didn’t want to hold these improvements while that stabilized.

Details (from

  • add new Carvera machine target in CAM mode with laser support
  • add laser output operators and device settings in CAM mode
  • add fullscreen option. button next to user profile
  • mobile pinch zoom and layer slider usability improvements
  • update CLI to work in CAM mode and add working samples
  • improved FDM preview rendering speed and reduced memory usage
  • threaded task and message passing performance improvements
  • refactor FDM supports and synthetic widgets to use more common code
  • allow FDM mixing of automatic and manual / detected supports
  • improve CAM animation speeds using shared array buffers
  • improve CAM render quality using solids instead of lines
  • add CAM leveling part offset parameters for XY and Z
  • add CAM pocket smoothing and contouring which is closer to true 3 axis
  • add CAM 3D engraving and marking with the pocket contouring operation
  • fix CAM invalidation of tabs on scale and traces on scale or rotate
  • fix belt fan override for base extrusions touching belt
  • fix belt X axis label order
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