Release 3.5 Live

This took a little longer to come together than usual. Primarily it contains performance improvements, usability and interface treatments, a handful of big fixes, and a lot of new CAM work. And you can now install Kiri:Moto to your desktop as a full Progressive Web App and run it offline (

Much of this is laying the groundwork for a larger 3.6 release which should see significant CAM updates including 4th axis output.

Details (from

  • add optional service workers and manifest to support full PWA + install
  • add support to run as Progressive Web Apps for installation and offline use
  • add assembly import when KM used inside of onshape
  • add configurable flatness for contour clipping
  • add faster render mode for FDM slices
  • add axis label remapping in FDM
  • add new path rendering engine
  • add bridging option in CAM contouring
  • add option to force z max routing in CAM
  • add option to ignore z bottom in CAM contouring
  • add CAM pocket option to ignore interior features (outline only)
  • add CAM Z bottom visualization, make it relative to stock instead of part
  • add CAM Z bottom inversion option to flip operator
  • add CAM custom gcode operator (can be used for pausing, too)
  • add CAM z extend option on registration op independent of “Z Thru” global
  • add optional CAM operation notes (helps with many similar ops)
  • add option to limit CAM trace ops to Z bottom limit (when in use)
  • extend url loading of workspaces to all formats
  • alert when healing is enabled and non-manifold geometries are detected
  • fix thin output start and end point tracking which broke retraction
  • fix for importing with some obj formatting
  • fix profile seeding for newer device record formats
  • fix workspace import / restore for some file formats
  • fix potential crash into stock during moves when parts are z bottom anchored

Thanks again Stewart for providing such a great app!

I am definitely interested in running Kiri:Moto offline. Is there any documentation for that? I had a quick look and didn’t see anything other than the “Testing Locally (with NodeJS)” section, which looks like is hasn’t been updated recently.

Hi Jeff,

Testing locally and running locally are the same thing without the “--debug” flag. You can also now “install” Kiri:Moto as a Progressive Web App at … this will cause the entire app to cache on your mobile device or in your browser cache allowing it to run completely offline. There is also a Dockerized container option. I don’t use it, but it has been tested, and seems to work.


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Nice. Just tried it and, sure enough, it “just works” offline!

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On mobile devices it often asks you if you want to “Add to Home Screen” or something like that. In Chrome on Desktop, you get this boxes+ icon that offers the same thing.

Screen Shot 2022-10-12 at 1.31.50 PM

Interesting, I tried with FF for Linux and it did not prompt for anything. I just tested by going offline, and I could still load Kiri:Moto when offline. I did not actually try to use it though. I will need to try that too.