Recent 2.5 work

I was recently asked if I’d done any work on the GridBot 2.5 design. And it just so happens that I was fiddling with a couple of them last week. The most functional change was to move the spool holder to the lower front so it’s more accessible. I also created a new pi + touch screen enclosure and designed some laser cut panels. On one of the bots, I moved the power and controls and mounted them to panels with a cover. The beds were upgraded to a new WhamBam PEI surface which is very nice. Here are some pics.

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Thanks for sharing Stewart, they look really good with those panels :+1:

If there is anyone in the DC / VA / MD area that wishes to adopt one of these, I’m need to make room for new equipment / projects.

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Crap, I wish I lived a bit closer😁